Selfish Love!!

-Srishti Magan In the silent room, suddenly the loud ringing of the phone could be heard. It was strange to still have a telephone in times of cell phones and skype chats and what not, but Mr. Awasthi and his wife were creatures of old habits and traditions. Mrs. Awasthi turned down the gas to … More Selfish Love!!

Shopping and Eating in the City Beautiful, Chandigarh

-Kartigya Singh The City Beautiful was the first planned city of the post-independent India and is famous internationally for its refined architecture. During my trips to Chandigarh, I came across some unique places and splendid eating outlets. What Not to Miss in Chandigarh 1. Sukhna Lake This artificial lake at the foothills of Shivalik was … More Shopping and Eating in the City Beautiful, Chandigarh

Flavours of Rishikesh- Cafes and Restaurants

-Kartigya Singh Image Source: Since the Beatles popularised Rishikesh by staying at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in the late 60s, tourists from all over the globe pour into the Yoga Capital of the World every year. Some visit the small town to find their spirituality through yoga, some are just looking for a weekend getaway through camping, … More Flavours of Rishikesh- Cafes and Restaurants

That Love <3

-Srishti Magan For a long time I wanted a ‘fairy tale’, ‘chick flick’ dad…. You know the kind who make tea in the night for their daughters and hold their hands in the park; the one who take them to swings and tell fairy tales at night. I also wanted an intellectual father – the … More That Love ❤