– Srishti Magan I look in pride on all my achievements …… but, The medals have dulled and the certificates faded I thought all was intact, but what wonder, The trophy is cracked, what a blunder!!   Amidst deep slumber my hand rubs on the bed, I wake with a start when the night shirt … More CRACKED!!


“A betrayal is a rich color to leave a stain…but the things about stains is that even when they never get removed, they always fade away…leaving behind only a learning” – Srishti Magan … More Betrayed!

A Reader….

-Srishti Magan A reader never simply just reads a book A reader is one who reads the blurb and gets drawn in, One who understands the story beyond the words, One who sits in wonder at a phrase just read, One who contemplates the meaning hidden in the lines, One who laughs in a silent … More A Reader….