-Srishti Magan

I look in pride on all my achievements …… but,

The medals have dulled and the certificates faded

I thought all was intact, but what wonder,

The trophy is cracked, what a blunder!!


Amidst deep slumber my hand rubs on the bed,

I wake with a start when the night shirt is caught in a crack

I thought all was fine, but I look and wonder

Oh the bed is cracked, what a blunder!


I walk to the kitchen to break my fast,

The meal was prepared lovingly, laid on a fine plate… but,

The food spills and only the stains last

The plate was always cracked, I noticed too late!’


I empty the closets, stuck on a cleaning spree

Out tumble bucketloads of treasured memories,

Amidst the nostalgic smiles, the cracked toy cuts

Even my precious games hurt, as old playthings rust!


Memories are cracked, pride almost whipped

Huddled inside, I watch in shock as my rose tinted glasses are stripped

Losing innocence at no age is right

Heck, I still feel cracks let in the right!


But what of the crack in a partner’s embrace

The crack in a mothers’ ‘pious’ love

The cracks suffered in my own rat race

Worst – the crack in my building blocks – my childhood!


I sit and wonder, spend hours in silent tears

which cracks let in light and which ones let in the fear

If reality is shaped by cracked pieces

Can the life puzzles even fit together?

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