Lost Cause!

-Srishti Magan

Walking down this well trodden path,

I feel the pangs calling for the road less traveled;

The heart still pulls me towards the adventures I gave up

When I stopped catching the stars

And accepted my passion as a lost cause!


The fingers have never moved as easily on the calculator

As the words that seemed to run across the paper,

And even when it’s a business suit donned on

And a high bun turning these locks into the perfect hairdo

An escaping tendril reminds me of the quirks that were my fashion sense.


Were I still allowed to execute poetry in my work.

If this heart was to be given free reign for just a day,

The numbers on Excel will dance in poetry

And the most drab of colors may come alive in the most unexpected ways

Yet all I do is refresh the old template to plug in the new data.


The passion is a lost cause, the adventure has been put down to sleep,

The girl curled up and let the woman walk on a path so steep

The oceans that would have lulled the body and raised the imagination

Are now just a view to look at when booking for the next office travel destination.


But in the whispers of the night the screen of my presentation mocks

Has the age finally come where I thought I would stop

Has the corporate ladder finally become weak enough to be struck down

Or has the passion been lost, to never again be found?


Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQHMmg85fpA

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