-Srishti Magan

Colors to add in my life,
Never know which ones will burn bright.
But I’ve loved and lived a small yet eventful life ,
And still a betrayal makes me clench my eyes tight!

Clench it against the sorrow that will strike.
A naive wish that with the shut eyes,
The pain too will hide.
And yet the betrayal touches deep inside.

A last attempt to turn around time.
To find answers that were hidden in plain sight.
To attempt to know the story behind the lie.
How can a betrayal rip you so far inside?

They say time heals the pain,
But the unseen scars never do fade.
You never even know the gory details,
And yet a betrayal is the most epic fail.

A failure of what you put your trust in,
A failure of what you thought could be,
a failure of what the world promised you with,
A failure that has a color so rich.

The blackness of betrayal begins to linger on in my soul,
Slowly I see it affecting relations new and old,
I see it swell to become the scar the world can’t see,
Because I’ve been betrayed by someone I thought will never leave!

Lose all expectations he had said!
I thought he meant it as a guidance for the bad world ahead,
How innocent was I to not see he was referring to himself,
Do I forgive him for the convoluted warning he displayed?

There’s no forgiving the betrayer,
There’s no fighting the perpetrator,
There’s no moving on for the soul drenched in pain,
Somethings are impossible to be washed out, no matter how pure the rain!

But there is forgiving the self for believing,
There is always a window to a new learning,
In despair I may have found my true calling,
Betrayal of self could be my next awakening!



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