No Strings Attached or Is It?


Recently, while reading an article about “The cost of Zero” I figured out how valuable could the value of zero be. I might buy something if it were discounted by 30%. Would I buy it if the discount was raised to 50%? May be! After all the analysis (my needs and the worth of the product) I may or may not decide to spend my valuable earnings on the product. In mathematical terms I’d use all the permutation in my head and spend some time deciding. But what if it was for zero cost? Free! I wouldn’t even want to consider my needs of that produce. We all get those free pens and notepads at those conferences that we might never use, but it’s free! Even though soon it will end up in the trash, we always have a thing for free stuff no matter how useless they are.

Zero is nothing yet it’s so irresistible. And so when something in the market costs zero, its attractive! You might need to buy two of the product to get the third one for free (although we needed only one but end up paying for two. It’s all a scam!)  So much trouble for zero!

Just like money we value emotions too. So she is my best friend, I have to exude grief for her sorrows and excitement for her new dress. And guess what, there are discounts on emotions too! Like let’s say somebody has a huge crush on you and so would do anything you say with less emotional approval from you. (I know that is mean but why hide from the reality!) But in the end it’s all up to you to decide on whom you want to spend your emotions and how much. Are the people around you worth it?

What if a relation costs you nothing? What if you wouldn’t need to spend any emotional attachment on someone? Yes that’s what I’d call “No strings attached”. Just like that free stuff at the conference is so irresistible; a free relation with no emotions attached is appreciated. Even though it’s going to end up in the trash again, it is always attractive. Having someone to fulfill your needs without you waking up to cuddle the next morning, is that free relation that wouldn’t harm anybody. Or that’s how we think of it. A relation whose value is zero and so it’s free of all the emotional dramas and future planning or even the need to think about hurting that someone emotionally is what I am talking about. It’s easy; it’s fun and most of all its free!

But of course it’s all a scam! Just like you pay for those two extras for the free stuff at the market, you might have to pay for the “No strings attached” relation someway. It might hurt your valued relations or you might end up hurting that someone. My point here is that no matter how appealing zero may be, it will cost you something in the end. The word “Free” is eye-catching but even “Zero” has a cost attached to it.



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