Good Old Cartoon Network

-Srishti Magan

Yes, I am a nineties kid and I have been a part of the Malgudi Days and Tom and Jerry generation. I loved those classics, I loved the jokes, the irritating graphics as my younger brothers and sisters call them were the best computer designs to me, and the predictable plots were intriguing.

Wondering what brought on this sudden burst of ‘loving my childhood’ syndrome… well recently I stumbled upon the series “winx club” on YouTube (and no I may not tell you what I was I searching for to have stumbled upon this!!), but it just brought back so many wonderful childhood memories, that I just had to jot something down, about the good old golden days of Cartoon Network.

My fascination with Cartoon Network ended about the time ‘Pokémon’ started airing, but I could still see one of the shows with my younger siblings, sit through ‘Shinchan’ easily, and even enjoy some of the newer shows like ‘suite life of Zack and Cody’ etc.. However, what the channels have thrown up now, well they leave me shocked, slightly disgruntled, and not at all interested in the cartoons. However, this post is not all about the weirdness of the present comics, or the fact that I can’t digest most of them, it’s simply a remembrance of the good old comic series, and here go some of the amazing moments of Cartoon Network I miss:

1. I miss the “Yabba Dabba Dooooo”: Remember the frumpy, funny Flintstones wearing an orange rug look-a-like dress with a tie, running the car on his two feet, working on a dinosaur and screaming the eternal ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’. Yes I miss this pre-historic comic hero! (I can almost hear the ‘tiding…tiding’ music that played when he bowled…. Remember!)


2. “Balloooooo”: Do you remember the cute adorable plane riding bear pilot… and the ‘Madam Mahalingam’, with Louis, the ultimate cutie Molly and the evil genius of ‘Sharekhan’ (I am writing these words and recalling the way they were called out in the series… oh the fun!). ‘Talespin’ was a genuinely well thought out series, and I loved the plots and the twists and turns… it may have been a cartoon series, but it had enough drama to rival any soap opera or thriller series.

download (2)

3. “And PowerPuff save the day”: “Buttercup!”, “Blossoms”, “Bubbles” and…. The ultimate evil king “MojoJojo”… can it get any better in cartoon world!! Remember how they described how power-puff came into being, or the magical ingredient the ‘Chemical X’, and how they were such amazingly out-right weird terrors that gripped the city, and the power-puff managed school with all the ‘saving the day’ drama… love…absolute love!


4. “Big George Jetson… his son… lalalal”: OK I don’t remember the exact lyrics of the title song, but I definitely remember the tune, and boy that was a futuristic series if ever there was one. Do you even remember the heights of automation that the series displayed, and the ultimate ‘Rosie the Robot’…. I want a space flying car too… enough with the traffic jams!

download (1)

5. Scooby Dooby Doo… where are you?: Really where are you Scooby Doo… the famous dog detective and his friend Shaggy and their Mystery Solving Van, and the ultimate adoration for food that Shaggy and Scooby shared, plus the logic behind the crime solving, well it really made you smile and cheer on in joy whenever they solved a case.

 download (3)

They were obviously many other gems, but I just don’t know how many to write on. Trust me these are not my most favourites, or top five, these are just the first ones that came to my mind, and the now the list refuses to end. It is like an avalanche of images – remember the ‘Billa Mama’, and ‘Courage the cowardly dog’; remember ‘The Looney Tunes’ and “Johny Bravo”, and the tunes and the smiles and the favourite characters.


Yes I miss the old cartoon network and I may have crossed the age, and may even think ‘chota bheem’ is decent but I can never forget the series that made up my childhood!



2 thoughts on “Good Old Cartoon Network

  1. Yeah. It is really the old cartoon network that always tied to my TV. Practically, I learned to speak Hindi from cartoon network. Now I know that it never had anything that spoiled me except that is what my dad used to complain always. So, I started collecting all the old cartoon series of cartoon network and keep them with me as they are not sold in India as DVDs or blurays. If anybody had any plans to distribute cartoon to cartoon lovers in india or anywhere else then share it with me through my mail. I myself has few of the cartoon series with me that i had collected and still doing it. I miss old cartoon network.


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