A Reader….

-Srishti Magan A reader never simply just reads a book A reader is one who reads the blurb and gets drawn in, One who understands the story beyond the words, One who sits in wonder at a phrase just read, One who contemplates the meaning hidden in the lines, One who laughs in a silent … More A Reader….

Bleed Blue!!

-Srishti Magan In a country riddled with more religions than you can count on one hand, there is one religion that binds all, is known to all and your interest or lack of it for that matter does not matter, if you’re an Indian you know about CRICKET!! I have, in the on-going world cup … More Bleed Blue!!

From Vodka to Wine!

-Srishti Magan When we started out this blog, we told you, that you’ll have a glimpse of our experiences, our mistakes and our adventures. Well, I recently completed an adventure of my own, which in the words of my one of my very close friends, “is an achievement”, and I couldn’t agree more. I have … More From Vodka to Wine!