– Srishti Magan I look in pride on all my achievements …… but, The medals have dulled and the certificates faded I thought all was intact, but what wonder, The trophy is cracked, what a blunder!!   Amidst deep slumber my hand rubs on the bed, I wake with a start when the night shirt … More CRACKED!!


“A betrayal is a rich color to leave a stain…but the things about stains is that even when they never get removed, they always fade away…leaving behind only a learning” – Srishti Magan … More Betrayed!

Selfish Love!!

-Srishti Magan In the silent room, suddenly the loud ringing of the phone could be heard. It was strange to still have a telephone in times of cell phones and skype chats and what not, but Mr. Awasthi and his wife were creatures of old habits and traditions. Mrs. Awasthi turned down the gas to … More Selfish Love!!